Alfdaniels Mabingo

Area of Specialty : 
Dance researcher, scholar, performer and educator
Assistant Lecturer

Alfdaniels Mabingo is a dance researcher, scholar, performer and educator. He holds an MA in Dance Education (New York University), and MA in Performing Arts (Makerere University) and a BA in dance degree, both from Makerere University. Alfdaniels is currently pursuing PhD in Dance Studies at the National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries, the University of Auckland. His phenomenological doctoral research engages the philosophies of Ubuntu and Sankofa and the theories of constructivism, conscience collective, and social cultural learning to examine the interplay between individuality and communality in pedagogic applications of Ugandan traditional dance teachers in central Uganda. Alfdaniels is serving as an Assistant Lecturer of Dance in the Department of Performing Arts and Film, Makerere University. Previously, he has served as Adjunct Faculty of African Dances and Intercultural Dance in the Department of Performing Arts and Professions at New York University and Professional Teaching Fellow of African Dances in the Dance Studies Program at the University of Auckland. Alfdaniels has won scholarships and awards that include the prestigious Fulbright Junior Staff Development Scholarship, the University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship, Makerere University Staff Development Scholarship, and the best overall Humanities student award at the 48thst-49th graduation at Makerere University in 2005. His research areas of interest include: pedagogies of African dances, dance in higher education, community dance, dance and identity, and the economy of dance practices. He has published articles and book chapters and presented at conferences in Uganda, the U.S., Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Some of his published articles include: Teaching Uganda Traditional Dances and Drumming for Summer Camps in the U.S,. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (in print); Pedagogies of Adaptation: Teachers’ Reflections on Teaching Traditional Ugandan Dances in (sub)urban Schools in Kampala, Uganda (in print); Decolonizing Dance Pedagogy: Application of Pedagogies of Ugandan Traditional Dances in Formal Dance Education, Journal of Dance Education (2015); Dancing into Academia: Trajectories of Traditional Dances from Community-Based Practices to Pre-Tertiary and Tertiary Education in Uganda, (2015). NYU Dance Education Study Abroad Program to Uganda: Impact on Work Experiences of Study Abroad Alumni in New York City. Research in Dance Education, (2015); Refugees, Migrants, Visitors and Internally Displaced Persons: Investigating Acculturation, Journal of Academia, Higher Education Research and Development, (2015); Teaching East African Dance in Higher Education in the U.S: Reconciling Content and Pedagogy, Online Journal of Emerging Dance Scholarship, (2014).