Bachelor of Arts (Subject of Dance)

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The Subject of Dance aims at producing graduate who understands how dance can be applied in a range of development, communication and entertainment contexts. The graduates of this program will be able to serve in contexts and capacities directly related to national, community and personal development. They will be of value within the entertainment industry as dance creators and performers; they will use dance to frame and explores ways of understanding and expressing health related issues and using movement as therapy (Dance therapy). Additionally, graduates will be able to apply technological advancement to enhance dance choreography, performance and documentation; and dance in film.


Further, dance graduates will also function as cultural consultants using dance as a frame to draw meaning within cultural contexts. They will function within the educational, cultural, development contexts as educators through dance. Using dance as a space for investigating and exploring possibilities of more just environment; within church and worship contexts, applying dance to advance religious communication and meaning. As community development officers; in marketing and advertising particularly on television; dance graduates will be relevant to the tourism industry and advancement of dance as a cultural export; they will also find application in rehabilitation institutions such as prisons and psychiatric environments; as movement analysts in investigative institutions.




Admission to year one is through any of the following schemes:

Direct Entry: applicants must have obtained the ordinary level certificate, or it’s equivalent; two advanced level passes in any arts or science subject of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education or its equivalent obtained at the same sitting.

Diploma Holders Scheme: The applicant must hold at least a second-class diploma in any field from a recognized institution.

Mature Age Scheme: The applicant must have passed the mature age examination set by Makerere University.

Structure of the Dance Subject

The subject of Dance (DNC) shall only be offered as a 3.2.2. - Option. In the first year, Dance shall be combined with any two subjects as outlined in the subject combinations of the University. In second and third years, the subject of Dance can be offered either as a major, and in that case a student has to take the two cores and two electives, or as a minor, and in this case the student offers the two courses: one core and one elective.

First Year: All courses in first year are core.

Second Year: Students offering dance as a major shall take two core courses and two electives and students offering dance as a minor shall take only the core courses.

Third Year: Students offering dance as a major shall take two core courses and two electives and students offering dance as a minor shall take only the core courses.


First Year


Semester 1


All courses are core


DNC 1109:       Introduction to Dance                                     (4 credits)                   

DNC 1110:       Dance in Western and Eastern Uganda         (4 credits)       


Semester 2


All courses are core


DNC 1209:       Popular Dance Styles                                     (4 credits)                   

DNC 1210:       Foundations of Community Dance                  (4 credits)                  



Semester I

Core Courses                         


DNC 2109:       Dance in Selected Cultures in Africa             (3 credits)                   

DNC 2110:       Dance in Central and Northern Uganda         (4 credits)       


Elective Courses                    


DNC 1202:       Movement Awareness and Observation        (4 credits)                   

DNC 2111:       Creative Movement for Children                   (4 credits)                   

DNC 2112:       Dance for Health                                            (4 Credits)                  

DNC 2113:       Foundations of Technical Theatre                  (4 credits)                   


Semester 2

Core Courses 


MUS 2108:      Research Methods in Music, Dance and Drama        (4 credits)

DNC 2209:       Introduction to Creating and Designing Dance          (4 credits)                                                                               

Elective Courses


DNC 2210:       Dance Criticism                                                          (4 credits)       

DNC 2211:       Theory and Practice of Teaching Dance                    (4 credits)       

DNC 2212:       Community Dance for People with Special Needs     (4 credits)

DNC 2213:       Foundations of Dance Technology                              (4 credits)                   


            Total credit units in year two: Dance Minors: 16; Dance Majors: 30




Core Courses


MUS 3107:      Report Writing and Archival Documentation in Music and Dance (3 credits)       

DRF 3201:        Theatre Management and Entrepreneurship   (4 credits)                                           


Elective Courses


DNC 3109:       Creating and Designing African Contemporary Dance          (4 credits)

DNC 3110:       African Dance in the Diaspora                                               (4 credits

DNC 3111:       Liturgical Dance History and Practice                                     (4 credits)

DNC 3112:       Dance, Film and Technology                                                 (4 credits)                               




Core Courses


MUS 3208:      Legal Framework for Performing Arts                       (3 Credits)                  

DNC 3209:       Ethnochoreological Studies of Dance and Dissertation Writing    (4 Credits)                                          


Elective Courses


DNC 3210:       Choreography Production Project                  (4 Credits)                  

DNC 3211:       Community Dance Project                              (4 Credits)                  

DNC 3212:       Practicum in Dance Performance                  (4 Credits)                  

DNC 3213:       Make up, Scenic and Costume Design           (4 Credits)